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I have been practicing in the animation field since I graduated from art school, primarily working in the cultural sector. I was initially inspired by filmmakers who utilize paper cutouts to make poetic and expressive work. I began to make animation with photographic film, before the switch to digital technologies. To this end, I have a rich and acute knowledge of the field. As production has evolved, where digital SLR cameras are now ubiquitous and software is user-friendly, there is so much innovation we can do today that was an obstacle in the past!

Early in my practice, I began to teach workshops and classes. This eventually led to me working full-time at Emily Carr University. I love to share my passion for the art form. Independent animation holds tremendous potential. I have had the distinction of working with scores of talented and dedicated students, many of whom currently work in the cultural and commercial industries around the world. I am proud of the many alumni who have diverse creative careers.

For a time, I was a producer at the National Film Board in Vancouver, when I coordinated several animation projects at various stages of development and production, working closely with directors, animators, composers, and sound designers.

I directed a film at the NFB, Trawna tuh Belvul, an interpretation of a sound poem written and performed by the respected Canadian poet Earle Birney. The piece depicts a train and its array of occupants traveling between Toronto and Belleville, Ontario.

I have also worked on many productions, in the roles of animator and graphic artist. They include Joe, a short directed by Jill Haras, and When the Day Breaks, created by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis.

I am currently producing a film of my own concept, SLIP!, experimenting with methods that combine cutouts, three-dimensional sets, drawn animation, and digital compositing. In addition to the direction and animation, I will create the sound design.

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