Animation Filmmaking Once More

This is an important year for me. It has been a very long time since I have had the opportunity to work at making a film, to dedicate virtually all of my effort and time to the endeavour. My plan, parallel to working on the project, is to maintain a production blog, to document the steps I take and to share the process, whether the pursuits are successful or not. I will openly reveal the mistakes.

I intend to present storyboards, animatics, and work in progress. Some of the material I will keep somewhat hidden and password-protected for the time being, whilst my mentors and advisors provide input but, eventually, I will post that material as well, for the broader public to view.


Things – creative tensions, development and production obstacles, and ideas that race in my head – have come to the foreground.

When I plan projects, I typically choose to incorporate new experimental methods. There are many directions I would like to pursue with my work.

With an animated project in particular, experimental approaches have added challenges. There are so many steps and systems to consider. I have to prototype weird and wonderful notions, to see if they will actually work, and if the methods can be maintained through an arduous production process.

I had forgotten how these kinds of development undertakings can bring on dark moods, of self-doubt, defeat, and frustration.

Nonetheless, behind the scenes, I am producing tests and sketches, incorporating messy and playful approaches, to encourage and foster innovative directions. I will wrangle documentation of the elements and will soon post them on the production blog.